A Little Christmas Spirit

(A Lilac Romance Book 7)

“Pamela Ferguson takes us back to a small town Christmas with quirky characters, 3 angels and a whole lot of Christmas spirit.”Essential Romance Book Club

Reporter Marla Norquist was planning to spend Christmas alone in the city until a mysterious tip about a secret celebrity wedding sends her to Lilac. She expects to encounter tight-lipped residents who want to protect the happy couples’ privacy—not angels, a ghost, and a handsome guy involved in a ransomware scandal!

When identity theft turns digital currency investor Jacob Reed’s life upside down, he hopes to lay low during the holidays while authorities sort things out. When Marla reveals she knows about both the scandal and his brother’s secret celebrity wedding, Jacob attempts to distract her from publishing either story. Can three mischievous angels and a meddlesome ghost convince Jacob and Marla to put aside their suspicions and discover the true meaning of Christmas?

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A Little Christmas Spirit. Copyright © 2021 Pamela Ferguson

Published by Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications

Chapter One

Jacob Reed searched his coat pockets as the chauffeured SUV came to a stop in front of Filmore Hardware. “I’d like to give you a tip. Do you take credit cards?”

The driver glanced in the rearview mirror, his brown eyes twinkling beneath bushy white brows. “No worries. Bolt pays well. I’ll get your bag.”

Guilt pricked Jacob’s conscience. Thirty seconds. That’s all it would’ve taken to slip some cash into his wallet. But in the world of digital currency trading, fortunes were made in less than thirty seconds. And lost.

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