Lilac Contemporary Romances


Red Bows and Mistletoe

Herb farmer Noelle Arber must harvest enough fresh mistletoe to decorate Main Street or she’ll forfeit her much-needed contract fee. After she convinces orchard caretaker Cole Higginbotham that she’s not a poacher, he surprises her with an offer. Give him a copy of her detailed orchard map and he’ll help her decorate Main Street. A sweet romance novella.

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Love Accepted

Carly Day is on a mission: Make amends to her grown children and everyone else she’s hurt over the years. When she returns to Lilac to help care for her first grandchild, she quickly realizes that, just because she’s sorry, it doesn’t mean folks are ready to forgive. Even Pete Warfield, her son-in-law’s uncle, keeps her at arms’ length, as if he’s afraid she’ll run off again. How can she prove she’s turned her life around? A sweet romance novella.

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Christmas at Mountain Mist

Dr. Brady Thomasson has his hands full. Christmas is two days away and he’s the physician in charge at Lilac’s senior living community. A mysterious illness, blizzard conditions, and a skeleton staff would be enough to keep even the most seasoned medical professional on his toes. Will the unexpected arrival of his former girlfriend distract him from his duties? A sweet romance novella.

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True Hearts

Even though it sometimes feels like she lives in a fishbowl, Sunny DeStefano loves small-town life. When self-made businessman Buck Day returns to Lilac for a family wedding, Sunny realizes her feelings for him are as strong as ever. Will gossip and judgmental people keep them apart? This sweet romance novel is the second book in The Lilac Series.

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Mercy Me

Bridal dress designer Chloe Belmont can’t believe her good luck. She’s been invited to participate in a charity bridal vendor auction for the daughter of a Wall Street billionaire. Maybe now the women of Lilac will finally appreciate her dress designs. A sweet romance novella.

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Wings of Love

Former troublemaker Jack Warfield must collaborate with the woman who destroyed his college football hopes or risk losing his job as a crisis mediator. Can Reo and Jack find it in their hearts to forgive each other? This sweet romance novel won the 2017 RWA Golden Heart® Award for Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements.

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