His French War Bride: Normandy

(A Lilac Historical Romance Book 2)

“Ferguson’s characters are realistic. The danger is real. Their love story is sudden but intense. Loved it.”Amazon reviewer Diane

June 1944. Despite her determination to be in Paris to welcome her father home when he escapes from a prison camp, interpreter Christine Arnette must obey when the French Resistance sends her on a secret D-Day mission to Normandy. When her cover story falls apart, the Allies start asking questions. Can she trust them with the truth?

When Lieutenant Harry Dean discovers their beautiful French interpreter lied about her reasons for coming to Carentan, it’s up to him to discover her identity. His gut tells him to trust her, but orders are orders. Is she really a spy? Will his heart allow him to stand by and watch if she’s arrested?

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His French War Bride: Normandy. Copyright © 2019 Pamela Ferguson
Published by Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications

Chapter One

June 22, 1944. Normandy, France.

Who gets married in the middle of a war?

Lieutenant Harry Dean stood just inside the open door of the old wood garage, converted for the day into a wedding chapel. He’d arrived at the tail end of the first French civilian marriage ceremony since D-Day. Just in time to see the groom kiss the bride.

He scanned the rolling Normandy farmland, still smoldering from last night’s shelling. Two weeks since the invasion and the stench of battle had become as familiar to him as the smell of musty books. When he’d told his enlistment recruiters he’d never shot a gun but could describe every weapon used by Caesar’s men during the Gallic campaign, they’d slapped him on the back and said he’d make a perfect Civil Affairs officer.

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