His Scottish War Bride

(Lilac Historical Romance Book 1)

“This is an amazing historical romance, it is well written and well told with interesting storylines that captivated me from start to end.”Goodreads reviewer Bette

As a motorcycle dispatch rider in London during World War II, Maggie Cameron faced her share of dangerous situations. Yet none filled her with as much dread as the thought of moving to America to join her G.I. husband, John MacPhee, after having been separated for six months. Except for the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, everything in Lilac is different from her beloved Scotland. How long before John discovers his Scottish bride is completely unsuited for life as a banker’s wife?

Life in the orderly MacPhee household has been completely upended since John’s return from the war. His father’s sudden injury puts John in charge at work and at home, leaving little time for battle scars to heal. Will Maggie forgive him for dragging her away from the country she loves and into his chaotic life?

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His Scottish War Bride. Copyright © 2018 Pamela Ferguson
Published by Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications

Chapter One

April 1946

Maggie Cameron MacPhee stood on the deck of the President Tyler and gripped the railing, excitement bubbling through her as the ship slipped past the Statue of Liberty into New York harbor.

“It’s big, isn’t it?” her shipboard roommate, Gwendolyn Lombardi, gushed.

“Haven’t ye heard, lass? Everythin’ is bigger in America,” Maggie replied, squinting against the early April wind as she eyed the towering Manhattan skyline.

The war brides around them giggled. The day they’d all been dreaming about had finally arrived. World War II in Europe had ended, and they were being reunited with their American GI husbands. Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium—the brides were from more countries than Maggie could count. They’d travelled together for two weeks on the slow-moving ship, enduring storms, seasickness, colicky babies, and cramped quarters.

But that was all behind them now.

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