Lilac Historical Romances

Meet the relatives of current Lilac residents in these historical romances.


His French War Bride: Normandy

June 1944. Despite her determination to be in Paris to welcome her father home when he escapes from a prison camp, interpreter Christine Arnette must obey when the French Resistance sends her on a secret D-Day mission to Normandy. When her cover story falls apart, the Allies start asking questions. Can she trust Lieutenant Dean with the truth?  A sweet novella set during World War II.

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His Scottish War Bride

As a motorcycle dispatch rider in World War II London, Maggie faced many dangers. Yet none frightened her as much as moving to America to rejoin her G.I. husband after a six-month separation. Everything in Lilac is different. How long before the husband she loves discovers his Scottish bride is completely unsuited for life as a banker’s wife? A sweet novella set immediately after World War II.

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