Love Accepted

(A Lilac Romance Book 6)

“Pain is hard to overcome. This is a wonderful cleansing of my mind, a chance to look at things through another’s eyes and see exactly what makes life and love worth it all.” Goodreads reviewer Patty

Carly Day is on a mission: Make amends to her grown children and everyone else she’s hurt over the years. When she returns to Lilac to help care for her first grandchild, she quickly realizes that just because she’s sorry doesn’t mean folks are ready to forgive. Even Pete Warfield, her son-in-law’s uncle, keeps her at arms’ length, as if he’s afraid she’ll run off again. How can she prove she’s turned her life around?

More knowledgeable about carburetors than car seats, Pete Warfield should have his head examined for agreeing to help take care of a three-month-old baby. After a short marriage decades before, Pete’s been happy with his bachelor existence. That is, until Carly Day returns to town. Working with her around the clock to care for his grandnephew has him wishing for things he thought he didn’t want. Like love and a family of his own.

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Love Accepted. Copyright © 2019 Pamela Ferguson
Published by Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications

Chapter One

Pete Warfield opened the dishwasher door, the stink of dirty dishes blasting him in the face. What had he been thinking, volunteering to help care for his nephew’s infant son? He didn’t know anything about babies. He poked around the food-crusted plates and sticky glasses. What did a basket of baby bottle nipples look like?

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