You’re never really alone
on January 27, 2023

Buck Day wanted to be alone so badly that he settled in the swamps and started an ecotour business. But family has a way of lingering, even when they’re hundreds of miles away. Returning to Lilac for a wedding drudges up all the reasons he left. Fractured family. Small town gossip. The girl who turned him down. But life is full of second chances, and tiny sparks of hope can suddenly burn bright with laughter and acceptance. Read Buck and Sunny’s love story in True Hearts (Lilac Romance Book 2). On sale now for 99 cents.

Listening to magic
on January 10, 2023

Author Alice Hoffman got it right when she said “Books may well be the only true magic.” Words on a page transport me to other worlds. Listening to well-narrated fiction adds the warmth of another’s voice and the depth of another’s interpretation. I’ve been working with professional narrators since 2018 to produce audiobooks for all of my stories, Today I’m sending a shout out to Rebecca Fine who narrated two of my World War II historical romances. Rebecca describes her own accent as “varied British” and says “It is my desire to suspend the listener’s disbelief, bring them into the story and carry them along the emotional highs and lows of their heroes and villains.” Listen to the various European and American accents she presents in His Scottish War Bride and His French War Bride: Normandy and be swept away to another place and time. Like magic.

on January 4, 2023

Love is a verb. It acts in opposition to greed and power. It respects and lifts up everyone. It’s hard, and it’s my word for 2023.

New traditions
on December 28, 2022

Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to discard old traditions. When Cole Higginbotham gets fed up with commercialism, he quits his family’s year-round Christmas shop and goes in search of something different. Little does he know herb farmer Noelle Arber, on her own self-improvement quest, will challenge him to figure out what’s really important. Read about the new traditions Cole and Noelle create in Red Bows and Mistletoe.

So many ways to celebrate
on December 26, 2022

In my World War II historical romance One Lilac Christmas, Amity Belmont joins the Women’s Army Corps against her parents’ wishes, leaving behind a strict Mennonite upbringing to serve her county. As a WAC, Amity meets women from different backgrounds who adhere to different faiths or none. In order to succeed as a unit, they must respect the differences that are the source of their strength.

Whatever you celebrate and however you celebrate, I wish you Happy Holidays.

Home is where you find it
on December 22, 2022

Not everyone is home for Christmas. Sometimes work keeps you away, as it does for doctor-on-duty Brady Thomasson. Maybe you’re ashamed of past mistakes, like lawyer Camille Zignetti. Whatever the reason, never underestimate the ability of a matchmaking grandfather to make things right. Read about Brady and Camille’s unexpected holiday home in Christmas at Mountain Mist.

In search of inspiration
on December 19, 2022

If you enjoy historical romance, you’ll love Hearts of Honor, a collection of inspirational love stories by fourteen different romance authors. My World War II romance His Scottish War Bride is included. Curl up in a comfy chair and escape into the past!

Need a little Christmas spirit?
on December 14, 2022

Feeling grumpy like digital currency trader Jacob Reed? Or burned-out like journalist Marla Norquist? A touch of Christmas magic can soften the heart of the bah-humbuggiest Scrooge. It certainly worked wonders for this ambitious pair. Enjoy their unexpected romance in A Little Christmas Spirit, on sale now for 99 cents.

Unwrap yours in time for Christmas
on December 13, 2022

Listeners will be happy to hear Time Unwrapped (Hackle County Book 3) is now available in audiobook. This holiday story completes the first trilogy in the Hackle County time travel romantic suspense series. Wait until you see what happens in the fourth book. Look for it in 2023.