Red Bows and Mistletoe

(A Lilac Romance Book 4)

“If you love stories that fill you up and make you feel good, you will love Noelle and Cole.”Audiobook Fascination

Cole Higginbotham ditched his elf hat for good when he quit his family’s lucrative year-round Christmas business. He’s finally found peace as an orchard caretaker—until one night when a mysterious speck of light appears, flitting among the apple trees.

Herb farmer Noelle Arber must harvest enough fresh mistletoe to decorate Main Street or she’ll forfeit her much-needed contract fee. After she convinces Cole that she’s not a mistletoe poacher, he surprises her with an offer. Give him a copy of her detailed orchard map and he’ll help her decorate Main Street.

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Red Bows and Mistletoe. Copyright © 2019 Pamela Ferguson
Published by Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications

Chapter One

Cole Higginbotham peered through his binoculars into the drizzly November twilight, his gaze fixed on a speck of light fluttering among the apple trees. Up. Down. Left. Right. The twinkling froze for a moment, as if listening, then swayed back and forth, as if dancing.

He snagged a chicken leg from the take-out container in the middle of the kitchen table and took a bite. The night before, he’d sat outside on the back porch, watching the distant light flit here and there for ten minutes in the cold winter rain. If his older brother Ben were here, he’d say it looked like a video game power-boost.

His phone buzzed.

You coming home tomorrow?

He stared at the text from his kid sister Sally. He’d jumped off his family’s crazy train a year ago. He could just imagine the scene at the house right now. His parents would be barking orders. Ben and Sally would be unpacking boxes. Everyone would be cranky two days before Black Friday.

He really missed his brother and sister. But not enough to return home.

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