Time Will Tell

(Hackle County Book 1)

“Oh! I loved this short Time Travel Romantic Suspense!”Audiobook Fascination

Hackle County health inspector April Islip believes handsome tavern owner Clay Nolan might be Mr. Right—until he refuses to make his customers wear masks. Local residents are riled up about COVID-19, threatening April when all she’s trying to do is save lives. When one of Clay’s irate customers runs April’s car off the road on the Fourth of July, she’s mysteriously transported back in time to 1970 and given the chance to right a past wrong. Can she thwart a dangerous plot involving Clay’s grandfather that doomed Hackle County’s future and her relationship with Clay?

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Time Will Tell. Copyright © 2021 Pamela Ferguson

Published by Winged Publications

Chapter One

Health inspector April Islip cruised through the jam-packed parking lot, the Fourth of July heat plastering her hair to her neck. Figured she’d get the ancient county car with the busted air conditioning. Barely noon, and Nolan’s Tavern was busier than the Department of Motor Vehicles on the last day of the month. Folks stood shoulder to shoulder on the log building’s sunbaked deck, declaring their independence with raised glasses and outlaw country music.

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