Wings of Love

(A Lilac Romance Book 1)

“This is a fabulous small town, it is a beautifully plotted story with plenty of drama, light on angst, heavy on heartfelt emotions, charm and inspirations and sweet romance. Pamela Ferguson, thank you for another great story and emotional rollercoaster ride.” – Audiobook Obsession

Will Reo Greene ever learn to say no? She’s just finished organizing Lilac’s first 5K race and is swamped with online college exams. Now the mayor wants her to collaborate with Jack Warfield to evaluate Main Street decoration proposals for the town’s upcoming two-hundred-fiftieth anniversary. The last thing she wants is to work with the man who rejected her five years before, but the mayor is determined to make an example of the two former high school enemies. If Reo and Jack can collaborate for the good of the town, maybe everyone else will try to get along.

Back in Lilac to oversee the sale of his mother’s rental property, Jack doesn’t admit he’s also on a leave of absence from his new job as a Peacetalkers mediator. He got injured as a result of an unauthorized meeting, and the Peacetalkers must investigate. Even if the mayor is twisting his arm, Jack has no interest in collaborating with Reo. She’d already destroyed his college football scholarship chances. He’d be crazy to let her mess up his life again.

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Wings of Love. Copyright © 2017 Pamela Ferguson
Published by Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications

Chapter One

Too late to turn back now.

Sweat streamed down Jack’s face as he jogged past dilapidated vehicles and boarded-up storefronts. The early May sun, unseasonably hot, beat down on his shoulders, burning the back of his neck. If it weren’t for the gang-symbol graffiti and distant Washington, D.C. skyline, he could almost imagine himself back in a war zone.

Marco’s men were posted along rooftops and slouching in doorways. Their hawk-like gazes had tracked him for three blocks, assessing the threat he posed. Maybe he should’ve brought another Peacetalker. But Marco’s invitation had been explicit. Come alone.

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