Time Faults

(Hackle County Book 2)

“April and Clay’s adventures continue where the first book left off. I liked the humor, the romance and the twists and turns.”Goodreads reviewer Jocelyne

Between confronting mask burners and calling out pandemic profiteers, it’s getting harder for Hackle County health inspector April Islip to do her job. Having a supportive boyfriend would be nice, but ever since she told Clay Nolan about time travel, he’s been avoiding her. To protect April from a new threat, her boss puts her in charge of COVID-19 testing. But danger finds April once again, transporting her back in time to save Hackle County’s future.

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Time Faults. Copyright © 2022 Pamela Ferguson

Published by Winged Publications

Chapter One

Clay Nolan stared out his office window at the empty Rec Center parking lot. Today’s excessive heat warning had forced him to cancel outdoor activities. Hackle County COVID-19 regulations had taken care of cancelling everything else.

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