The Lilac Series

Contemporary Small Town Romance
Shaking things up in a town that time forgot

If you’re looking for heartwarming small town romance with a twist of humor, you’ll love the Lilac Series.

Each book can be read stand-alone. Titles are listed in publication order, from newest to oldest. See Reading Order for book time sequence.

A Little Christmas Spirit

He’s a techie who’s been hacked. She’s a reporter who’s been had. Celebrating Christmas is the last thing on their minds.

Red Bows and Mistletoe

Backflipping elves. A matchmaking Corgi. A lot can happen between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Love Accepted

Carly is ready to make amends. Are folks ready to forgive?

Christmas at Mountain Mist

If the blizzard doesn’t bring them together, her meddling grandfather will.

True Hearts

Can Sunny face the man whose heart she broke so long ago?

Mercy Me

Who knew love at first sight was a thing? Luke and Chloe sure didn’t.

Wings of Love

Past mistakes make Reo and Jack enemies until a good deed app brings them together.


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