Hackle County

The COVID-19 virus has hit hard, and the residents of Hackle County are spending more time arguing than working together. Odd things are happening, too. Like time travel.

Time Will Tell

A time travel novella. Book I in the HACKLE COUNTY romantic suspense series.

Hackle County health inspector April Islip believes tavern owner Clay Nolan might be Mr. Right—until he refuses to enforce COVID-19 restrictions. Business owners are riled up, threatening April when all she’s trying to do is save lives. When one of Clay’s irate customers runs April’s car off the road, she’s mysteriously transported back in time to 1970. Can she thwart a dangerous plot involving Clay’s grandfather that doomed Hackle County’s future and her relationship with Clay?

Ebook and Paperback:  Amazon

Audiobook: Audible | iTunes


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