True Hearts

(A Lilac Romance Book 2)

“This second chance at finding love and happiness is fun, witty and full of charisma. I loved it.”Essential Romance Book Review

Even though it sometimes feels like she lives in a fishbowl, hair salon manager Sunny DeStefano loves small-town life. When self-made businessman Buck Day returns to Lilac for a family wedding, Sunny realizes her feelings for him are as strong as ever. Will gossip and judgmental people keep them apart?

Buck once believed that moving away from Lilac would help him escape his family’s troubled past and get over his crush on Sunny. Now that he’s back, he realizes he wants a family of his own. Will Sunny risk getting involved with a loner whose family is as broken as his?

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True Hearts. Copyright © 2018 Pamela Ferguson
Published by Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications

Chapter One

Sunny DeStefano popped open a can of Hard to Hold and doused Lavinia Burgin’s bright red locks with enough hair spray to freeze a basket of slithering copperheads. She gave the styling chair a spin and smiled at Lavinia’s reflection. “Sleep with a satin pillow case. Your hair will be perfect tomorrow.”

Lavinia fanned the aerosol fumes with crimson-tipped fingers, diamonds flashing on her hands and wrists. “What we endure for beauty,” she pronounced with a dramatic sigh, rising from the chair and glancing around the salon like a queen surveying her kingdom.

Sunny brushed off her hands and headed for the cash register before Lavinia could see her lips pull into a grin. Too bad it was only country music playing in the background and not Pomp and Circumstance. As the mayor’s wife and owner of Lilac’s only jewelry store, Lavinia had a fondness for dramatic gestures and all things sparkly.

“I see you’ve made some changes,” Lavinia gestured to the reception area’s new curtains and brightly-colored lilac cushions. “Did your mother approve?”

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